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Monday, April 23, 2012

Stay Connected

Hi reader's! As much as I try and keep you up to date on the newest books, contest, events, and more the best way for us to stay in touch is if you JOIN my sites!

Join me on FacebookTwitterPinterestAuthors Info I also have a group on Authors Info so join the group called Dramatic Romance!

If you have not joined Shelfari and Goodreads make sure to sign up and add Trouble In Paradise to you're to-read, currently reading, or read list!

If you've read the book I would like to ask you to take some time out to leave a review!  Get ready for new contest and releases coming soon!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Hot Seat

Hey reader's and writer's, have you read Trouble In Paradise?  Was there something you wanted to know about a specific character or something you are just dying to say?  This is your chance to get it off your chest!  Let's play THE HOT SEAT.

The game is simple put your favorite or most depised character in The Hot Seat.  Ask them questions, comments or just say what you have to say to that character.  To get the character of choice in The Hot Seat you MUST VOTE!  Voting polls for The Hot Seat can be found on the reader's page, my website, this blog post (scroll down), or if your in my group there will also be polls there as well.  If your not in my group and want to join post on this blog ADD ME TO THE GROUP!

The first session for The Hot Seat will begin Monday April 16, so make sure to cast your votes for our first guest!  Let's Go!